3pm - 7.30pm - Registration @ Footy Oval //

6pm Volunteer briefing (for those who can make it) @ Event HQ, Footy Oval.


5am - 6am - 50km Registration
@ Warburton Footy Oval

7am - Volunteer Briefing - Powelltown @ Powelltown start line
(for any marshals allocated to Powelltown side of 50km course (ie. up to Aid Station #1. See RD Chris Ord)
7.30am - Volunteer Briefing - Warburton
@ Event HQ, Footy Oval.
(for any marshals allocated to Ada Tree through Warburton for 50km, 25km and 4.5km courses. See RD Simon Madden)

6.30am - 7.15am - 50km Registration
@ Powelltown Public Hall Car Park

7am - 9.15am - 25km + 5km Registration
@Warburton Recreation Oval

6.15am bus // 7.30am START 50km Lumberjack Ultra
// approx 3pm finish

8.30am - 25km Don Valley Doozie
this is an alternative run course from previously advertised Redwoods Rush. The change has been made mandatorily due to fire protection operations underway further east of the Redwoods Rush course. We have been advised that while everything is safe on notice, and in order to be precautionary, we will use tehis new course routing to teh west, rather than east. The course is relatively similar, but unfortunately does not feature the Redwoods Rush.

9.30am - 4.5km River Rapid Run

9.45am - 4.5km Body Positive Stomp
Hosted by Escape Your Comfort Zone - no timing, no pressure, but you still get a medal! If you are a plus size person of any gender, OR would like to have a go at a trail event without fear of judgement, OR scared of coming last, OR feel intimidated by all the super fit, speedy runners, OR are afraid that the finish line will be all packed up before you finish... Then this event is for YOU!

  • Trail angels creating the party at the back, which means that no one comes last

  • Walk, skip, shuffle, jog, prance, strut or stomp, its up to you!

  • No cut off times

  • 5km of beautiful, almost flat, treelined, riverside dirt trails in the stunning Warburton

  • No timing, this is a true fun event with no focus on times

  • Post event celebration picnic in the park - bring a plate to share!

  • And yes, there's Medals! Everyone gets a medal!

From around 11am - The Flaming Moes live band

Get your groove on as local duo The Flaming Moes belt out a few faves to bring you over the line in good cheer.

From around 11am - remedial massage

Remedial massage therapy will be available, supplied by Renee from Renlea Therapies. $10 for 10 min blocks.

12 noon - Hosted Salomon Hike
A short hike, location / destination TBC, likely La La Falls, a 3km (total) return walk to a waterfall. test some of Salomon’s hiking shoes!
LOCATION: Sign up at the Salmon tent at event HQ Expo!

3pm - Seminar- Psyched on Trail
Salomon runner, Simone Brick, gives an powerful personal insight into how she succumbed to, battled and with the help of trail running and ‘bush medicine’ is owning and overcoming her mental health issues, along with a frank discussion on the stigma of mental health, and tips and tricks for discovering mental and physical wellness and balance via running and nature therapy.
LOCATION: Bowls Club, located nearby Event HQ (walking)

6 for 6.30pm  - Film - AUSTRALIAN PREMIER: PATH TO EVEREST - Kilian’s Quest.
LOCATION: Warburton Cinema, Main Street - Warburton Highway, Warburton
Enjoy a drink from the theatre bar before settling into a mountain til or three. No alcohol allowed in cinema during screening.


6.30am - 8.45am - Registration 
@ Warby Recreation Oval

7am - Volunteer Briefing - Warburton Event HQ
(for all marshals able to attend. See RD Chris Ord. For marshals unable to attend / on later time slots, please contact prior to attending marshal shift.)

8am - 22km WAVE #1 (slower) Donna Double START

8.30am - 22km WAVE #2 (faster)  Donna Double START

8.45am - 14km Sawmill Grove Run START

9am - 4.5km River Rapid Run START

12.30-1.30 - Plogging Fantastic - 2km
Run/Walk and Rubbish Clean up
No registration needed.
Bags and gloves supplied.
LOCATION: Meet at Salomon tent.

3pm Seminar - Multi day running with Queen of the Desert, Jacqui Bell
The youngest ever female to complete the 4Deserts multiday running series (Atacama, Sahara, Gobi and Antarctica), Jacqui has overcome addiction and a near fatal accident to quickly become one of Australia’s most accomplished multiday stage racers. And she’s looking to set new records in teh near future. Come and hear how she got into the multiday game, why it fascinates her more so than regular trail and ultra running, and what she’s learned to date in terms of preparation, gear and the mindset required to finish big adventure run beasts! She’ll be only days off having run the Alps to Ocean in New Zealand, so it will all be fresh and vivid!
LOCATION: Bowls Club located nearby Event HQ (walking)

6pm - 7.45pm Registration for Night Run  @ Cog Cafe

7pm - Live music – Cog Café from Come and see Madz Got Rich play all your cover faves! Running the night trails or not, a good night to party at the Cog Cafe!

8pm - 9km Little Joe’s Terror Night Run START from Cog Cafe


8.30am - 9.45am - Registration
@Warburton Recreation Oval

10am* - 3km Lilo Dash ‘n Derby / start from Footy Club
*Any inflatable that can float YOU will suffice. We suggest sturdy ones that can take a rock bruising, something like a 'surf lilos' or tyre tube. One person per inflatable. Children U/12 require adult supervision. MUST have mandatory HELMET and FOOTWEAR!!

12 noon - Event Close


  • Warburton Footy Oval – Clubrooms

  • COG Cafe

  • Warburton Cinema

  • Warburton Caravan Park