How can I edit my registration / change distance / purchase a bus ticket / buy a lilo or a tee, after I have already registered?

Editing your registration details and what you have signed up for is easy!

Just find the confirmation email you received after you registered and in it you will see link that will allow you to go back to your original entry information and change up your details.

Or, click HERE to edit your existing registration (change distances, add merchandise etc). If you need camping accommodation click HERE.

What is the REFUND POLICY?

Should you wish to withdraw from the event BEFORE 16 February 2018, we will refund your entry, minus an administration fee ($10-$15).

Should you wish to withdraw from the event AFTER 16 February 2018, as per the conditions of entry, we will not refund your entry. Why? Many reasons, but mostly because a significant portion of your entry fee will have already been spent on printing bibs, a timing chip, permit inclusions etc. IMPORTANT – there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule including if you have a doctor's certificates, a great sob story, etc). Sorry but sunk costs are sunk costs.


YES - there are for the longer runs. 

50km Lumberjack Ultra
(course can be remote. longest distance between aid stations 11.5km)

  • Hydration of 1.5L (we recommend 2L) minimum.

  • Snake bandage - 10cm, elasticised (preferably two)

  • Mobile phone

  • Wet weather jacket, seam sealed

  • Space blanket

  • Thermal top (if a hot day we may allow this to not be carried)

25km Redwoods Rush / Don Valley Doozie
(course mostly flat along an aqueduct. longest distance between aid stations approx 8km)

  • Hydration of 1L (we recommend 2L) minimum.

  • Snake bandage - 10cm, elasticised (preferably two)

  • Mobile phone

  • Wet weather jacket seam sealed / thermal ONLY IF ADVISED PRIOR TO RACE DUE TO COLD/WET WEATHER

22km Donna Double
(course longest distance between aid stations approx 6km)

  • Hydration of 500ml (we recommend 1L).

  • Snake bandage - 10cm, elasticised (preferably two)

  • Mobile phone

  • Wet weather jacket seam sealed / thermal ONLY IF ADVISED PRIOR TO RACE DUE TO COLD/WET WEATHER

14km Sawmill Grove
(course longest distance between aid stations approx 4.5km)

  • Hydration of 500ml

  • Snake bandage - 10cm, elasticised (preferably two)

  • Mobile phone

9km Little Joe's Night Terror
(course longest distance between aid stations approx 4km)

  • Headlamp + spare batteries / spare mini lamp (if rechargeable being used)

  • some form of hydration receptacle (cup free aid stations)

  • thermal / wet weather jacket ONLY IF COLD / WET WEATHER CONDITIONS EXPECTED

5km Rapid River Run
(course longest distance between aid stations approx 4km)

No mandatories.

Lily Derby

  • BYO lilo / flotation device (i.e. rubber tyre tube)

  • Shoes and helmet are mandatory. No shoes and helmet, no entering the water – this is a very strict rule!

  • Children under 12 must have a supervising adult accompany them down the river (entry must also be paid for adult).

  • Wetsuits, PFDs, elbow and knee pads are NOT mandatory, but the safety conscious may like to have them.

  • Fancy dress is NOT mandatory but encouraged and spot prizes will be given.

  • Take care when walking in the water (you will need to at various times) – be observant for holes and places where you can twist your ankle or get caught.

  • Drinking alcohol and liloing is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught drinking and floating will be barred from the course.


NO! This one's important, WE WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING CUPS at aid stations!

You need to bring your own hydration equipment. This could be a collapsible cup, softflask, fuel belt, handheld bottle or hydration vest. This is to limit littering, comply with waste-wise protocols and the council's determination to limit the use of throw-away items and most importantly reduce the environmental impact of the event and preserve the pristine environment we're all running through.


Over the course of the Festival there are many different types of runs and that means many different types of shoes could be the go. For the Lumberjack ultra and the Donna Double you're going to want your fave trail treads as the terrain is challenging and changable. If you're only doing the Redwoods Rush, the Sawmill Grove, Mt Little Joe Night Terror or either of the River Rapids Run you could get away with road shoes if you wanted to (though if it is wet you will slip and slide a bit and they might get some wear and tear through them). If you're doing the Lilo Dash 'n Darby (and of course you are!) you're going to need a pair of shoes that can get wet as you are going in the river with them.


Yep, if you finish the Multiday Madness, Lumberjack ultra, Donna Double, Redwoods Rush or the Sawmill Grove we’ll have a medal for you. Finishes of the River Rapid Run and Lilo Dash 'n Darby do not get medals.

Can I listen to music when I run?

NO! In the interests of trail safety and courtesy, we discourage the use of music. Some sections are quite tight and you’ll need to be aware of what’s going on around you. So please, no headphones! Jive to the sound of nature, eh? 


After the Lilo Dash 'n Darby on Monday, trophies and sponsor product will be awarded for Multiday Madness, Lumberjack, 25km and Donna Double. Sponsors product (only) will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place getters in those races plus in the 14km, 9km and 5km runs.

A perpetual trophy will be engraved with the names and times of the Men's and Women's winners of the Multiday Madness.

Age group results will be available ASAP via the website or via Tomato Timing website following the event.


No worries - check our Community Consultation page here for more information!